Thursday, September 9, 2010

people i adore.

meet amel.
kind. loving. motherly type. she's definitely a people magnet!
it's weird but i always think of her as a great wife-to-be :p

meet intan.
we always tease each other, and she has the biggest eyes on earth!
they're so comical! 0_O

meet dhilla.
yup, she loves food! she has this love-hate relationship with chocolates.
oh, and she's going to be a great doctor one day, yes she will!

meet maraya.
we've known each other since junior high, she's so sweet and girly, 
and when i think of her i see the colour pink. isn't that lovely? :)

four different types of people,

but share the same laughs,

the joy,

the tears,
(i'm sorry but there's no photo of us crying) :p

the secrets,

the dreams,

and the love

i simply adore you all. :)


  1. sweeeeeeetttttttttttt <3 loveeeee u milski, muaahhh!

  2. hihihi. ayoo bikin arisan bulanan meeelll ;)