Wednesday, September 15, 2010

what I did during Lebaran

caught my cousin, Yunda, making funny faces

ate sooooo many food! 
pempek, rendang, opor, lasagna, meatball, siomay, kue 8 jam, fruit salad, you name it!

had a matching colored outfit with one of my cousins, schweeeettt!

did a non-stop photo session with my pweeettyyy cousins

and saw their smiley faces :))

everybody was having such a good time that we couldn't stop smiling and laughing!

and while Grandpa was busy talking and giving wise advices,

I saw Oma's quirky smile :)

and finally caught a photo of my superbly hyperactive cousin! phew~

also witnessed this brother-sister silly fight

and taken by surprise by my cousin's supermodel posing ability!! speechless.

despite all of the craziness,

i love all my cousins so much!

had a great lebaran this year;
met the entire big family, had great food and good laughs.. 
simply a splendid family reunion! :)

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